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The Civil Servant’s Honor Guard

"No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave." Calvin Coolidge

  • Every 57 hours a Law Enforcement Officer is killed in the line of duty.
  • Each year in the United States, approximately 100 firefighters are killed while on duty and tens of thousands are injured
  • On average 150 Law Enforcement Officers are killed each year.

This year over 160 names of Law Enforcement Officers will be added to the National Law Enforcement Memorial and that doesn’t include the number of other civil servant hero’s, as well. The honor guard is dedicated to Community Servants and Officers who have given the Ultimate Sacrifice while serving and protecting their community. Men and Women from the Military, Law Enforcement, Fire & Rescue and Corrections give to their country and community every day. Whether it is personal heroism or while suffering the loss of their colleagues’ lives, the respective Honor Guard units pay tribute to them.

The Honor Guard is made up completely of volunteers whose principal mission is to help departments work through the most difficult days that will ever occur within any tight-knit organization but they have a special significance because these men and women honor true heroes. The detail has gone through extensive training at Law Enforcement Honor Guard Academy and respectively the National Fire & Public Safety Honor Guard Academy to assure that all the protocols are presented with the greatest accuracy and dignity within the highest traditions of the fire service.

Members of the Guard take pride in their personal appearance and maintain attention to detail with their uniforms. The seriousness and respect demanded in these special circumstances requires that ones appearance and uniform will be clean, professional, well-designed and shoes polished and shined. A professional image begins with uniforms that are clean, crisp, and consistent and reflects the respect felt for the fallen serviceman.

The Class A uniform is often comprised of many accessories, depending on the particular Honor Guard. Depending on branches and ranks, the uniform can vary greatly. These formal accessories can include various hats, white cap with a gold band for Commanders, Blue cap with a gold band for Majors and below, cap badges, uniform badges, Single and double breasted blue/navy and black uniform coat with various seals, gold buttons and patches for the shoulder. Fallen firefighters, law enforcement and others can be honored with the addition of special pin on the lapel, Flag pin on the left lapel, gold name plate, gold fire department name plate attachment, uniform pants with the narrow blue pin stripe, uniform ascot, uniform braid on the left shoulder. Various belts and other accoutrements like parade gloves, citation cords and trademark parade rifle make the Honor Guard Uniform look as professional and serious as the job demands, as well as adding an impressive look of pride to represent their commitment to their jobs and fellow people.

Connecticut Statewide Honor Guard Code of Conduct


#1 When to where honor guard accessories

My fire department recently initiated an honor guard we gave them braids to wear on the shoulder and ascots so far should be where the braids on their class A uniform anytime anywhere or only when performing on a guard duties.

Deputy chief
Jesse cukro

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