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Honoring Local Heroes

The Guard's Motto

"Hero’s are not dead until they are forgotten. The Honor Guard never forgets!"

The Guard’s Creed

….I will perform in humble reverence to the best of my capacity. It is those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice that commands the respect I protect, and it is their bravery that made us so proud.

In general, Honor Guards are associated with the military, but local heroes are served by Honor Guards around the country as these brave civil servants put their lives on the line. Most Honor Guard members have attended formal training at Fire Colleges and/or are EMS trained guards. They also represent their factions as they march in the local community celebration parades, attended new station grand openings (ring in-service), and participated in award ceremonies, as well as various other social functions and duties.

Although they may represent different groups, EMT’s, Firefighters, and etc, all honor guards have the same mission; to strive to honor firefighters, and others who give their lives in service to others in life, as well as death, and to exhibit the best possible image to the entire community.  They accomplish this with the highest degree of professionalism, dedication, loyalty, honor and dignity possible.  Their purpose is to represent these local heroes by projecting a positive image, and performing as a well-trained team at events and formal occasions as appropriate.  In addition to funerals and memorial services, the honor guard may be called on to post colors, march in parades, attend new station grand openings, social functions, and assist the families of our fallen brothers and sisters during their time of need.

Usually, an Honor Guard is available to assist and/or work in conjunction with other honor guards for "Line of Duty" funerals and memorial services for all Fire, EMS and Police personnel as requested.  All members of any honor guard must learn Military Drill and Ceremonies and perform to satisfaction of the group before they may perform with the group and obtain his/her uniform that properly represents the group they are honoring.  Honor Guards perform at many various occasions and perform more functions than the most revered, to include Remembrance Ceremonies, but in addition they perform at EMS conferences and official conventions, flag dedication services, and various types of graduations.  Honor Guards function as important branches of our most heroic of civil servants such as Fire Fighters Honor Guard, EMS Honor Guard, Color Guard, Funeral Detail, Bearer Party, and Guard of the Vigil.  Their attendance and contributions to these special events are invaluable. They represent and honor the best of the best of human nature and each faction, although less formal than the military, deserves all the honors and remembrances bestowed on them by these special teams.


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